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Case Study: Stone's Throw Media a graduate success story

Portrait of two graduates who have set up a digital media company

Stone’s Throw Media is a University of Wolverhampton success story. An award-winning animation, digital and live- streaming business that began 12 years ago when founders Matt Weston and Mike Chinn met at the University of Wolverhampton.

Working with clients nationally and internationally, Stone’s Throw Media has proud roots at its University of Wolverhampton Science Park base. Stone’s Throw Media has continued its relationship with the University of Wolverhampton, graduating from students to a trusted, long-term client.

The digital agency employs a team of nine, which includes six former University of Wolverhampton graduates.

We spoke to the university’s deputy head of alumni relations David Wedge and strategic outreach and delivery lead Amy Allen to find out why the university enjoys working with the team.

When did you begin working with STM?

DW: “We have worked with Stone’s Throw on our annual Alumni awards for two years now.

“Our first event was streamed virtually in 2022 as we transitioned out of Covid and this year’s event ran as a hybrid ceremony, in person and online which worked brilliantly.

“What they produced not only digitally but physically was amazing. They embraced the possibilities with lighting and visual effects and positioned large plasma screens across the room with motion graphics which elevated the event. 

“I walked into the venue mid-morning, and it gave me the wow factor. The staging looked better than we had anticipated. 

“Having a hybrid event in a venue could have been challenging, however they made the whole staging look impressive for both an online and in person audience.

“In addition, Over the last few years Matt has been a member of the Alumni Advisory board. He has really helped to inspire our students and provide real world experiences.”

AA: My relationship with STM began 12 years ago when I was responsible for a university languages project. Our team was set up in response to the government's call for languages to be compulsory in primary schools and we needed to produce a video which followed the career path of students who had studied languages.

“Matt and Mike worked in the same building as us at the Wolverhampton Science Park and I remember the project vividly, driving up and down the UK interviewing graduates with careers using languages at high profile brands such as L'Oréal and Aldi. The video was used for years, and Matt and Mike did a fantastic job for us.

“We also commissioned STM to work on a promotional video for the Children’s University, and an informative animation video for Explore University. The latter was a collaborative project between Harper Adams, Staffordshire, Keele and Wolverhampton Universities together with eight schools across the region. We used primary school children as ‘roving reporters’ on each university campus to interview people and STM provided the animation.”

Why do you enjoy working with Stone’s Throw Media?

AA: “They have done a great job of growing the business in a sustainable way and you can see that the team all have the same worth ethic and values. 

“The team genuinely cares about what they are doing and as a customer we always feel valued and listened to. 

“I love how adaptable they are. The Children’s University project involved interviewing children, and you know what they say about working with children! However, the team wasn't fazed, and this shows.”

DW: “There are some fundamental principles you want to see in a supplier: professionalism and good customer service are key for us. 

“Stone’s Throw not only does that but they embrace change, and we work collaboratively. We always sit down to brainstorm ideas; it’s a team approach and they are always looking for ways to improve. 

“An example of this is the Alumni Awards debrief. We could take the same awards model as last year and repeat but the team is already looking at what we can do next year to be the best we can be.

“Stone’s Throw Media is a real success story for the university. The whole Stone’s Throw team embodies professionalism, on the ball, organised and ready to go. I have the confidence that they will deliver to an exceptional level.”

Do you have any memorable moments?

AA: “Out of all the videos Stone’s Throw has produced, the Children's University video is a standout for me, they brought my idea to life, and I was proud of how it turned out.

“One of my funniest memories is turning up to L'Oréal HQ in London to film an interview with a graduate linguist for the languages project. We all felt out of place at such a glamorous office but the three of us laughed about it afterwards. The guys are great at rolling their sleeves up and getting the job done.

“Stone’s Throw are a household name at the university- everyone knows they are your video guys! I feel that they are ingrained in the business and there is certainly a sense of pride amongst the careers team for those aware of their journey so far.”

Graduate with his back to the camera filming a subject

After 12 years working with the university, the Stone’s Throw Media team have made a positive impact on the university. From awards ceremonies, explainer animations, student and business videos, Stone’s Throw Media is a trusted, professional and dynamic business and we wish them all the success as we continue to watch them grow in the future.

To find out more and get in touch with Stone’s Throw Media please go to:

After graduation, graduates become members of the Alumni Association and are encouraged to keep in touch, to take advantage of a wide range of benefits and support on offer, including a discount for postgraduate study. 

Anyone interested in studying courses in the University's Screen School should check out the website or book a place for one of our Undergraduate or Postgraduate Open Days. 

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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