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CLASS OF 2021: Reuben engineers a career in additive manufacturing


Reuben Inganni, 22 from Southampton, has engineered a future for himself in additive manufacturing after graduating with a degree in Motorsport Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton.

Having always had a strong interest in motorsport, and being a fan of the sport throughout his childhood, Reuben focused on finding a degree course which focused on the subject he was really interested in.

He said: “When I was first applying for universities, I looked at a couple of options but as soon as I walked into the School of Engineering at Telford Campus, I knew instantly where I wanted to be.

“Just seeing what they had available to students in terms of the learning, but also the extra-curricular activities in terms of motorsport and race teams, I knew straight away that was what I wanted to be doing and where I wanted to be. Finding a course specifically focused on motorsport engineering was a real big thing for me.”

Throughout the three years of his degree course, Reuben was part of the University of Wolverhampton Race Team (UWR) which is made up of engineering students - part of the University’s commitment to producing graduates who can apply both theory and practice in the industry.

Reuben was part of the Formula 3 Team in his first year and then spent two years as Team Leader for the Formula Student Competition – designing and building a car from scratch and then competing with universities from across the UK at Silverstone.

He said: “The course was challenging but it was brilliant and, during the pandemic, the University made all the lessons available online. The facilities, in particular, were amazing for motorsport and engineering.

“The experience was invaluable, taking the learning from the classroom and then applying that hands-on to the race cars as well as designing and building cars. Using the skills I’d learned and applying them to a real-life project was so useful to me.

“And it’s great to be back here after a year to properly celebrate.”

Reuben was introduced to 3D printing and additive manufacturing in his first year at University and it really sparked an interest in him.  After finishing his Undergraduate degree he studied for a Master’s degree in Additive Manufacturing and has now secured a job at BAE Systems as a Manufacturing Engineer for Aerospace, focusing on 3D printing and composite materials for defence-based aerospace.

BAE Systems provides some of the world's most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions.

Reuben said: “My advice to applicants is definitely go for it, motorsport is a growing field and there’s so much opportunity for innovation in the sector and to be able to apply that to motorsport engineering where it’s all really cutting-edge and advanced technology it’s such an exciting field to be in.

“I wanted to do fast, cool things so it’s ideal for me.”

Reuben was also presented with two graduation prizes by University of Wolverhampton Race Team (UWR) sponsor, Lazer Process Fabrications. Jonathan Horne, Managing Director of Lazer Process Fabrications, said: “I’m very keen on supporting youngsters to getting into manufacturing – engineering manufacturing, in particular, and supporting the University of Wolverhampton is exactly where we need to be at this time. 

“We have great affiliation with the student team but also the Praga Race Team and the Morgan cars. It’s really good to see young men like Reuben coming through the ranks and winning both of our awards. He had the highest grade point average for Motorsport Engineering and Formula Student Team Leader so is a worthy winner.”

Jonathan presented Reuben with two specially manufactured trophies – prizes for Formula Student Team Leader and Motorsport Engineering.

Graduates are encouraged to keep in touch with the Alumni team and take advantage of a range of benefits and support on offer to them including a discount for Postgraduate study and opportunities to benefit from mentoring, volunteering and career advice.



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