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Company gets switched on to Apprenticeships


A Shropshire company is getting switched on to the power of earning while you learn through Apprenticeships.

PebblePad currently has six Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentices at its headquarters at the University of Wolverhampton’s e-Innovation Centre at the Telford Campus.

The educational technology company decided to work with the University of Wolverhampton to offer the Apprenticeships to meet a recruitment need within the thriving organisation.

Toni Lavender, Development Director at PebblePad, said: “Recruitment is quite challenging in our area, particularly in the skills we are looking for.  We saw apprenticeships as a great opportunity to grow our own developers, teaching them the skills we need as a business while providing real world industry experience and supporting them through their degree.

“The benefits for us have been huge. Taking young talented developers, rapidly developing their skills and watching them flourish has been immensely rewarding and beneficial for both them and us.”


Sylvan Bowdler is an Apprentice Application Developer and is in the second year of his Apprenticeship. He said: “I knew the current market for employment was getting quite difficult so I wanted to jump into a career quite early. I decided to get into a scheme that would allow me to grow within a company alongside other professionals in a fast-moving and exciting workplace and career. It allows me to build my professional skills in an environment alongside long-standing professionals and other new Apprentices.”

The PebblePad Learning Journey Platform offers universities award-winning technology to help educators support, guide and develop students from induction to graduation, and beyond.

The Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship provides practical understanding of the latest digital technologies, applications and issues.

After a common first year, each Apprentice on the course develops a specialism as Business Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Data Analyst, IT Consultant, Network Engineer or Software Engineer. Honours Degree Apprentices gain the knowledge, skills and applications sought by employers in today's competitive environments. 

Using industry-specific technology and equipment, Apprentices develop the technical, business, project, interpersonal and behavioural knowledge and skills to operate professionally in the workplace.

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Date issued: Monday, 3 February 2020

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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