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Students demonstrate the art of politics in portraits


University of Wolverhampton art students have demonstrated the art of politics by creating portraits of local MP, Eleanor Smith.

Ten students from the Wolverhampton School of Art studying for degrees in Visual Communications, Fine Art and Illustration, have worked on the project for the past few months, tasked with creating portraits of Eleanor, a local Member of Parliament who represents Wolverhampton South West.

The students - a mixture of first, second, third year and graduates – volunteered to work on the live project to gain experience in addition to their course studies and were given a small budget to work with.

Gavin Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University, said: “The Portraits of Eleanor project was really important because it offered students the opportunity to make work which they can then show in a public environment.

“It was also important because it’s about our local MP so this was a kind of celebration of our link to Eleanor and all the work we do with her in celebrating the arts. I’ve been amazed by the quality of the work, I’ve been blown away.”

Tariq Evans, Fine Art Graduate, said: “It’s interesting to have a local MP that’s so invested in the arts scene around Wolverhampton because we have a lot of untapped talent here.

“I was interested in a quote she said when she described Wolverhampton as a collective rainbow of people and in my concept I wanted to capture that diversity in my work.”

The Portraits of Eleanor exhibition is now on display in the University’s Millennium City Gallery, City Campus until 8th November 2019.

Anyone interested in studying at the Wolverhampton School of Art should register for the next Open Day on Saturday 16th November 2019.



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