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Researchers developing digital literacy in teaching

Researchers developing digital literacy in teaching

University of Wolverhampton researchers travelled to Germany as part of a new project to address digital skills gaps for teachers across Europe.

Dr Bianca Fox and Alison Carminke from the Faculty of Arts visited Muenster for the second transnational partner meeting of the MeLDE (Media Literacy in the Digitalised Era) project.

National and comparative reports have been produced, showing the status of digital literacy teaching in the UK, Cyprus, Germany and Greece.

Over 36 months, MeLDE will produce an ePlatform of media literacy lesson plans and learning resources, an electronic assessment system, and a toolkit to guide teachers to implement the ePlatform and resources in their schools.

These tools will give young people more opportunities to learn how to cope with the dark side of the media - for example, cyberbullying and fake news.

Alison Carminke, Academic Enterprise Manager at the University of Wolverhampton, said: "Following a successful meeting, we have a clear understanding of the current situation in the four involved countries, and we're ready to start work on tools that will make digital literacy teaching and learning easier to access and to measure."

The MeLDE project started last year and will run for three years. The University of Wolverhampton coordinates the project and works with partners from Cyprus, Greece and Germany.


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