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GETTING RESULTS: Laila raises the bar for Clearing


For Laila Hudson, the process of going through Clearing was a big surprise as it was so simple and easy.

Laila, from Wolverhampton, says: “I took my certificates with me but I didn’t expect to walk out that day with a place at University!

“The course I started was LLB Law. I’m interested in the country as a whole, the laws and civil rights. I was interested in helping people who are not aware of the law and their rights.

“For anyone interested in the Clearing process, my advice is not to worry about it. It is a lot easier and simpler than you would think.

“If you go to the Clearing Open Day, there will be a lot of staff there to support you and help you with the process, so you are not on your own. There will be people there to guide you through it.”

Our next Open Day is on Saturday, 17 August 2019:

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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