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Graduation case study: Hajra Khalid, Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing

Hajra Khalid hopes to use her own empowering and challenging experiences as a student to inspire the next generation when she graduates.

The 22-year-old is graduating with a BA (Hons) in BA Early Childhood Education.

Hajra, from Aston, is now channelling her knowledge, skills and experience into her role as an Inspire to HE mentor for Year 10 pupils.

She says she chose the University of Wolverhampton due its focus on creating opportunities for people from a range of different backgrounds.

“The University’s ethos of being open to differences and other people’s cultures and professions, as well as its lectures and support system, caught my eyes straight away,” she says.

She chose to study Early Childhood Education as it looks into society, families, children of all ages and developmental psychology in all aspects of education.

Like most students, she faced challenges along the way, particularly around confidence and adapting to a more academic style of writing. But Hajra managed to find a way to keep her own individuality and originality while also learning the new ways of working in academia.

She adds: “My favourite memory has to be writing my dissertation. I had chosen a topic which was close to my heart focused on looked-after children in the world of education and whether they are being supported appropriately. I loved every aspect from coming up with the whole idea, trying to find a way to collect and then analyse my own data along with resources and literature.

“I have achieved a great sense of individuality of who I am as a person, a former student and a future educator. I have gained a better understanding of the world around me and using my own emotional intelligence to be able to speak out. University is an achievement which has given me the ability to keep going and keep pursuing which will help me when enabling students, and in fact all individuals, to do well and also seek support where it is needed and fits their best interests.”

Hajra’s ambitions now are to help and inspire children, young people and families to achieve their potential and fulfil their dreams.

“For me, studying at the University of Wolverhampton has been one of the most empowering and thought provoking experiences so far.

“One of the best bits is that I can now face my fears and stand in front of a crowd expressing my views.

“University life is one of the best opportunities you could possibly take in terms of academic and your self-development as a person and a future professional.”

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