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University academic helps shape national cybersecurity consultation


The University of Wolverhampton has been helping to devise policy on cyber resilience by taking part in a national cybersecurity consultation.

Tony Proctor, a cyber security expert from the School of Maths and Computing, was invited to work alongside other leading security experts and senior officials from central and local government on a two day consultation process that took place at Windsor Castle.

Tony, one of only 30 experts at the event, said: “As cyber incidents become more endemic there is an onus on all sectors to be prepared and develop a coordinated response. I was the sole invited representative from academia and this reflects the knowledge that we have developed as the university at the forefront of cybersecurity information sharing.

“Wolverhampton’s experience with Warning Advice and Reporting Points (WARPs) means that we have been actively engaging in cybersecurity for over 10 years.”

The delegation was asked to develop a series of recommendations for cyber response capabilities of organisations and to identify the local requirements for dealing effectively with cyber incidents.

The consultation results will be reported on in the New Year and will include a briefing for Ministers to inform the planning for the National Cyber Security Strategy, which sets out a vision for the UK to be secure and resilient to cyber threats. 



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