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Cambridge Academics welcome Wolverhampton Academics


A University of Wolverhampton Professor will be taking part in a special conference taking place in Cambridge this month.

 Professor Nazira Karodia, of the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, will be a keynote speaker at the Joliot-Curie Conference at Murray Edwards College.

The Joliot-Curie Conference, taking place on September 16 and 17, is an annual event dedicated to supporting the aspirations of early career chemists, particularly those who are underrepresented in research careers in academia or industry. 

Professor of Science Education at the University of Wolverhampton, Professor Nazira Karodia said: “I have had personal experience of discrimination so I am passionate about listening to the marginalised voices, especially in education.

“The Joliot Curie conference will give me the space to talk about my career and the lived experience of other people.

“It would be a forum for open discussion of some of the pressing issues faced by younger researchers in and search for new ways of working and relating with each other.

“The focus of the conference is on progressing careers and utilizing opportunities. It is also a forum to debate some of the pressing issues that challenge younger and older researchers.

“The media constantly reminds us of the thorny issue of gender equity and the difficulties faced by those from under-represented groups and backgrounds. To this I want to add the pressing necessity of educating men as well so that we may foresee task and burden sharing.

“While we address the progress of researchers, we are taking in significant social considerations. The conference I hope will help us map ways forward.”

The conference programme takes an inclusive approach to exploring and supporting career topics that are relevant to everyone, whilst allowing open discussions on issues that can promote an inclusive culture and diversity in the workplace. 


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