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Christmas lectures aimed at prospective primary school teachers


Potential primary school teachers can find out more about how to engage pupils in the classroom through a series of lectures at the University of Wolverhampton.

The Christmas Lectures, organised by the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing’s Institute of Education, also offer the chance to meet the University’s Primary Team, find out more about university life and get an insight into some hot topics in education.

The lectures are:

  • ‘How would you make the Weasel go Pop?’ – a scientific exploration of things that go pop, bang and whizz, and how you can engage all learners in the classroom
    Wednesday 25 November – 4- 6pm, Walsall Campus
  • ‘Tick Tok, Tick Tok’ – time is of the essence, and during this lecture you’ll be able to find out how to include animation in your lessons
    Wednesday 2 December – 4 – 6pm, Walsall Campus
  • ‘All Wrapped Up’ – as Christmas approaches, parcels and presents become ever more a focus. This lecture will have a cross curricular theme and will allow you to add to your increasing knowledge of learning activities and approaches to teaching
    Wednesday 9 December – 4 – 6pm, Walsall Campus

Professor Michelle Lowe, Director, Institute of Education, Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, said: “Our Christmas Lectures offer potential primary teachers the chance to begin their personal journey into teaching and learning; they give a taster of some ideas to use in the classroom, as well as the chance to meet our friendly staff and students and find out more about what our University offers.

"Our students too will learn a great amount from the lectures, whether it’s how to use science experiments or activities to keep pupils enthralled in your teaching. These lectures are our own version of the well-loved Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.”

The lectures are free to attend but places are limited. To secure your place, please email:

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