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Bravery accolade winner in third graduation


A heroine who was awarded one of the highest awards in the land for bravery has celebrated her third graduation from the University of Wolverhampton.

Lisa Potts Webb was awarded the George Medal in 1997 after protecting children at the nursery in Blakenhall she then worked at, from a machete wielding attacker.

Lisa PottsShe was awarded the medal by the Queen and went on to set up her own charity, Believe to Achieve, which works with schools in the Wolverhampton area.

Today Lisa celebrated her graduation following a one-year BSc in Public Health at The Grand Theatre in the city. 

It follows on from her successfully completing a three year Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing in 2013 and the‌ award of an Honorary Fellowship from the University in 2008. 

The latest qualification has allowed Lisa to become a Health Visitor in Shropshire, a role she has described as her dream job.

She said: “I love the job and feel it was what I was really meant to do. It’s fantastic to feel I’m really making a difference to people’s lives.

“As a health visitor I’m working with families and children every day, whether that is through home visits or at clinics. It’s a wide-ranging role that takes into account all aspects of the development, health and wellbeing of a child and its family.

“Having been a nursery nurse and all the rollercoaster I went through in that part of my life and then working with the charity, which helps children and families, I then really wanted to take it further and go into higher education so I could be recognised as a practitioner in my own right.

“That last year was tough as I was studying really hard, alongside working and having a family but I enjoyed the challenge and it was worth it as I love what I’m doing.”

Lisa, who recently turned 40, said she hoped her story would help persuade others who may start to think about getting into higher education later in life.

“She said: “It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are determined and passionate you can achieve. I didn’t think I was cut out to study but you take one step at a time and the life experience you can rely on brings a lot to the table.

“It was great for me to learn to do new things like carrying out research. It really gives you a whole new perspective on life.”


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