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Health Experts investigate the future of NHS leadership.


A Nursing academic has been appointed to play a central role in an inquiry committee looking at the future of the NHS.

Laura Serrant

Professor Laura Serrant of the University of Wolverhampton has been appointed as a committee member of the Health Service Journal (HSJ) inquiry board, alongside other figureheads including Sir Robert Naylor, chief executive of University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust.

The ongoing inquiry aims to explore what leadership the healthcare service needs now and in future.

Professor Serrant, who is Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing at the UniversityProfessor Serrant and currently on secondment to NHS England said: “I feel proud to be representing the diverse nursing communities in this inquiry into NHS Leadership as the only inquiry board member from a Nursing background.

“Moving forward, it is important that we not only look at how leadership could be strengthened and successful in the NHS but also work to ensure implementation of the correct strategies to make sure that we have diverse, compassionate leadership at all levels.

“Being bestowed with a crucial responsibility and being part of the commitment to effective clinical leadership in the future of the NHS will be quite challenging but one nonetheless that I will commit to supporting and working on for many years to come.”

Senior figures from national policy bodies; thought leaders and academics; patient leaders and advocates; clinicians; and leadership experts attended the scheduled meetings 

An inquiry panel was assembled to hold a series of meetings at which members invited the leading experts to share their views.

The most recent meeting has produced a published report of the findings which recognised the leadership crisis in the NHS as well as recognise the need to support career progression for graduates in the NHS and leadership improvement and sustainability.

The published report went live on Monday, 15 June 2015.

To view the report visit:

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