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The New Age of Healthcare education


A University of Wolverhampton Professor will be collaborating with a visiting scholar from Kazakhstan to develop a new kind of healthcare education course.
Professor of Mobile learning, Professor John Traxler will be working with Dr Daniyar Sapargaliyev from Almaty Management University in Kazakhstan to develop and launch an innovative mobile technologies project.
The aim of the collaboration is to develop a course that will improve the education and learning ability of those in poorer and more vulnerable countries. 
Mobile learning focuses on learning across multiple online platforms. Mobile-learners can use a mobile device at whatever time or place to access their learning material.
Dr Sapargaliyev has been awarded a Post-Doctoral Mobility Grant under the British Council Researcher Links programme. He will work with Professor Traxler on the Healthcare Education Course which will be made available to students in post-Soviet states.
The academics believe that Mobile Learning has the potential to reach out and support a wide range of people in poorer countries from young learners to adults with learning disabilities.
The course modules will be constructed in English followed by a translation into Russian.
The grant is a part of the Newton-Al-Farabi Partnership Programme.
Professor John Traxler said: “Dr Sapargaliyev, from Almaty Management University, has a British Council Mobility Grant which has enabled us to work on this programme together, designing an online Healthcare Education course for his university. 
“The grant is however intended to help Kazakhstan build capacity in its university sector and so we will be working together supporting the digital learning research cluster working on research projects and bids, writing articles and papers for publication, giving seminars and improving his familiarity with various aspects of research management.
“Though this will be a big challenge, we are both committed to the cause and are confident that we will successfully work as a team to reach our goal.
“We could not be more grateful to the people who have given us the opportunity and immense support to work on this course.”
Dr Daniyar Sapargaliyev said: “The future of e-learning in Kazakhstan depends primarily on the intention of the teaching community and government to implement new forms of learning in the education system.
“Mobiles are available to everyone and most people have them which means that they have great potential to help keen learner’s access open educational resources and workplaces.
“The aim of our research is to use mobile technologies to improve healthcare education in Kazakhstan by studying British experience in Health Education.
“It is evident that the government is actively funding initiatives to implement e-learning at all levels if education and I feel that the realisation of government programs will help spread the practice of e-learning across the country.
“My visit to the University of Wolverhampton will help launch the first online course in Healthcare in the former Soviet Union.
“We can improve the situation in Kazakhstan by using new technologies in education and significantly help improve the situation with health education.”
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