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Research Award for University Professor


An academic from the University of Wolverhampton has been unearthed as one of the big winners of a notable international award.

Professor Mike Fullen, a leading international expert on soil technology, has been named as the joint winner of the Gerold Richter Award from the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC).

Mike Fullen, Professor of Soil Technology at the University, was named as the joint winner of the prestigious award along with Professor Ildefonso Pla- Sentis of the University of Lleida in Spain.

The ESSC awards take place every four years and are due to be held in Moscow this year on Tuesday, 19 May till Friday, 22 May.

When asked about this achievement, Professor Fullen said: “I feel very fortunate, as I have worked with many learned and interesting people.

“My studies have allowed me to travel to many parts of the world, throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America.

“On my travels I have met some fantastic people, seen amazing things and experienced a feast of different cultures and I look forward to doing this for a considerable time to come!

“I could not be more grateful to the ESSC for recognising my work and awarding me this achievement, it means a lot for such an accomplished society to award me their top honour for my work.

“I am reminded of the words of Sir Isaac Newton, “If I had appeared at the time to see a little further than some of my colleagues, it was because I had stood on the shoulders of giants.”

Professor Fullen has been recognised by the ESSC for his significant contributions to the investigation and promotion of soil conservation in Europe.

The award represents his vast experience in the research field of Environmental Science and Technology.

Head of the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Architecture and Built Environment, Pauline Corbett said: “This is such an excellent achievement for such a hard working academic in our department.

“It is wonderful to see Mike’s Dedication and hard work for his subject to be paid off through him being honoured with such a prestigious award.

“I know that Mike will continue his brilliant work in Soil Technology and very much hope that this is the first of many award that he will receive in the near future.”

Nominations for the Gerold Richter Award are submitted by ESSC members and corporate bodies who submit profiles of their nominees. The winner is then selected by a panel of senior members, who this year decided to bestow the distinguished award title to both Professor Fullen and Professor Pla- Sentis.

President of the ESSC, Professor Carmelo Dazzi of the University of Palermo in Italy said: “The board felt that the two Professors were worthy of being awarded the Gerold Richter prize this year.

"Mike Fullen has dedicated many years to research and fieldwork and has made a significant contribution to the study of soil conservation and so was a deserving winner.

"His research activities are mainly concerned with soil erosion, soil conservation and desertification and his fieldwork is mainly based in Europe and Asia.

"With his many publications and evident passion for what he does, we felt he was a very worthwhile winner, alongside Professor Ildefons Pla-Sentis, of the Gerold Richter Prize this year”.



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