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Graduates join forces with TV presenter for project


Matt Weston and Mike ChinnMatt Weston and Mike Chinn, the creators of video production company Stone’s Throw Media, and photographer Alex Styles were all involved in the product’s launch video.

Stone’s Throw Media teamed up with Next Generation Frames to produce the video, which included filming in London with Jeff Stelling.

‘Next Generation Frames’, based at Wolverhampton Science Park, have developed a new technology based sports merchandising product which is to be fronted by the Sky Sports man.

Speaking about the experience, Matt Weston said: “It was a real honour to work with Jeff and for me it was a dream come true.

“For the video we “green screened” Jeff before putting him into a 3D environment that we've made separately. It’s going to be a home environment so it looks like he has the product in a virtual home.”

“Our company has been born out of the University’s SPEED Plus programme, which has allowed us to progress our business and produce videos for local SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) through to large multi-national companies.”

Jeff Stelling is a television presenter best known for Gillette Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports, as well as Channel 4 quiz show Countdown which he hosted between 2009 and 2011.

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Date Issued: Tuesday 24 September 2013

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