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University scientists to give pioneering London lectures


Professor John Howl and Dr Sarah Jones, of the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, will helm a four-day course in the capital, at the Royal Society.

To an audience which will include leading experts in the field of biochemistry, they will present their work in the field of cell penetrating peptides – an amino acid chain which can transport substances directly into a cell.

The technology could allow doctors to administer drugs and medications to particular parts of a cell, which could in turn help fight conditions like cancer, viral infections and genetic disorders.

Professor Howl and Dr Jones are part of the University’s Molecular Pharmacology Research Group and, for these lectures, have worked with Professor Ulo Langel, of the Department of Neurochemistry at Stockholm University.

From October 7 to 10 they will present a series of classes to the Royal Society – a fellowship of some of the world’s most distinguished scientists – in London.


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Date Issued: Monday 7 October 2013

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