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Professor to speak at prestigious summit


Professor Kate Moss‌An expert in human rights based at the University of Wolverhampton has been invited to give a presentation at a global event.

Professor Kate Moss, from the University’s School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications, will attend the World Family Summit in Berlin to discuss her ongoing research into homelessness and rough sleeping.

Professor Moss will report on the emerging findings uncovered by her projects “Empowering Women Rough Sleepers to protect themselves from Violence on the Streets” and “Children Rough Sleepers who are Runaways & Homeless and Victims of Sexual Exploitation/Abuse & other Violence on the Streets.”

The research projects have been undertaken with funding assistance from the EU Daphne programme.

The focus of the summit, to be held between December 2-5, is “Families in Balance”, and will include representatives from the UN, Red Cross, UNICEF and the World Family Organisation.

Speaking about her invite, Professor Moss said: "I’m really excited to have been asked to participate in the World Family Summit.

“Our aim is to create greater awareness of the issues of rough sleeping, specifically in relation to women and children, in order to educate governments, policy makers and the public about the issues associated with sleeping rough or becoming homeless and the dangers of living on the streets."

In the year 2004, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the UN International Year of the Family, a World Family Summit was established in China.

Since then, an annual event has been held to ensure that the summit continues to work towards peace, security, justice, tolerance, solidarity and prosperity.


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