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University duo investigate network's impact


Dr Mahmoud Emira and Karl Royle, both from the University’s Centre for Development and Applied Research in Education (CeDARE), are investigating the mission and values of ‘Young Dads TV’ (YDTV) in order to assess its impact and effectiveness.

Created by Scot Colfer for Media for Development, ‘Young Dads TV’ is a UK based information service for young fathers typically aged 25 or younger based on a central “council of young dads”.

The pair’s research is based upon evidence from young fathers themselves who have been approached via online surveys, phone interviews and face-to-face discussions regarding their experiences with the network.

The research is an eight month collaborative impact evaluation project and is set to conclude at the end of June.

Speaking about their research, Dr Mahmoud Emira said: “YDTV has been an eye opener for me about the complexities young dads go through in their daily lives, from the challenges of having access to their children to the insufficient support they receive from the system and childcare services.”

Karl Royle added: “This research project has enriched our understanding of the needs and capabilities of young dads in becoming effective fathers.”

The creator of YDTV, Scot Colfer, said: “It is really important for young dads just to meet one another and give them the confidence to realise they do have the skills to become great dads.

“Our aim is to try and extend the Council for Young Dad’s nationally and get more funding – making it a more targeted campaign. This includes working with politicians and working at a national level to get young dads more represented.”


For more information please contact Patrick Campbell in the Media Relations Office on 01902 322448

Date Issued: Monday 24 June 2013

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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