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Publisher works with University on military history series


A new line of military history books overseen by experts from the University of Wolverhampton is to be published.

The Wolverhampton Military Studies Series is being released by Solihull publisher Helion.

The series is being edited by Stephen Badsey, the University’s Professor of Conflict Studies and an internationally recognised expert on military-media matters and propaganda.

He was approached by Helion a couple of years ago and the publisher and University have Stephen Badsey, Professor of Conflict Studies since developed a close working relationship, with the firm offering work placements to students and considering PhD theses for publication.

Now, the relationship has led to the development of the Wolverhampton Military Studies Series, which will be given an official launch on Thursday, December 12, at the Harrison Learning Centre, City Centre campus, from 7.15pm.

The first two titles in the series – Theirs Not to Reason Why, which explores the importance of horses to the British Army 1875-1925, and Stemming the Tide, about the 1914 British Expeditionary Force – are now ready for publication, with a third title planned for release in March 2014.

Stemming the Tide is edited by Spencer Jones, a former PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton, and includes chapters by Professor Badsey and Gary Sheffield, a First World War expert and the University’s Professor of War Studies.

Professor Badsey said: “We are very proud of this achievement. The main purpose of the Wolverhampton Military Studies Series is to produce military history that is new and innovative, academically rigorous with a strong basis in fact and in analytical research, but also the kind of military history that is for all readers.

“And while this is a military series, we are not bound to any particular time period or cut-off date.

“These are very much the kind of well-written and challenging books that my students at the University of Wolverhampton would want to read. They are books which enhance knowledge, and offer new perspectives.” 

The Wolverhampton Military Studies Series is available from


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