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Artistic students celebrated


Art Foundation Students on a new art foundation programme at the University of Wolverhampton have celebrated completing their course with a special exhibition of their creative work.

The course at the School of Art and Design is designed for students who want to explore different art specialisms before selecting their degree programme.

The four-year BA Art and Design (with Foundation) programme has proved to be popular with students, and the conclusion of the first group on the foundation year was celebrated with an exhibition at the University’s School of Art and Design this week.

Among those celebrating was Toni Green, who was awarded the Student’s Choice Prize for her illustration work. The prize was awarded to the student who had produced the most original and innovative exhibition of work and contributed most to the student community and experience. Toni was selected by the other students for this award.

Course Leader, Dr Peter Day, said: “This year’s course has been incredibly successful at attracting students, specifically in terms of widening participation. Many of the students are from ethnic minority backgrounds and many are mature students who are getting a second chance in education, including a 50-year-old nurse who has not studied art previously nor has any formal qualifications; a single mum returning to education and a significant number of students who have been working and are returning to education for the first time in a number of years.

“For many of these students without art portfolios or work, getting back into education Art Foundationwould be difficult, and getting back into Higher Education even more so.

“They will now transfer onto degree programmes as ambassadors for art and design and as students who can guide others towards the University community by graduating from the course.”

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