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Olympic inspired artwork on show


A new piece of Olympic inspired artwork featuring over 200 photographs of University students and the local community has been unveiled.

The photo montage features images of University of Wolverhampton staff and students and otherMontage people from the city holding statements of what the Olympics has inspired them to do.

Popular statements include “go to the gym”, “work as a team” and “get fit” but there are also more philosophical comments such as “Never count the days, make the days count”.

The artwork helped the University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union (UWSU) to achieve National Union Students (NUS) Gold ‘Be a Champion’ accreditation – one of only 14 Students’ Unions across the country to do so.

The photos were compiled by a team of Students’ Union volunteers, led by student Victor Dimakopoulos, and the montage was then put together by fellow student, Tony Blood.

The photographs form the shape of the UWSU logo, which is a wolf silhouetted against a moon.

The montage is on display in the entrance to Wolverhampton Art Gallery until Friday, 10 August 2012. It will then go on tour to various locations around the University, including buildings at City Campus and the Performance Hub at Walsall Campus, before reaching its permanent home in the Students’ Union at City Campus.

Dan Batchelor, President of the University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union, said: “In displaying this artwork, the Students’ Union hopes to demonstrate the strong bond a community can have when brought together by a common theme, and how we can be the champions for inspiring others during the Olympic Games.”

Participants in the project were asked to write their inspirations on white boards and then a photograph was taken of each person. As well as University staff and students, the Students’ Union enlisted the support of people from the community including police officers, shoppers and market stall holders from Wolverhampton Indoor Market.

Other statements in the montage include “smile”, “set bigger goals in life” and “be proud to be British”.


Picture: The Be a Champion montage on display at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

For more information please contact Vickie Warren in the Media Relations Office on 01902 322736

For more information please contact the Media Relations Office on 01902 32 2736 or 01902 518647.

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