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Students in the Red – University and Students’ Union Supports National Campaign

Broke and Broken, led by the National Union of Students, will highlight levels of debt caused by inconsistencies in higher education funding.
The University of Wolverhampton’s Students’ Union (WSU) will be among hundreds across the country supporting the ‘Students in the Red’ day of action on Wednesday November 5.
Students will be writing their debt onto balloons which will be popped. University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline Gipps, and members of the University’s Board of Governors will also attend.
UWSU President, Cheryl McGivern, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this national campaign as it highlights that there are still discrepancies occurring with higher education funding.
“The campaign is effectively telling the government that the system is Broke and Broken as students are getting into soaring levels of debt. The message we want to get across is that the cap on fees needs to stay and students are making a stand.
“Our role on the day will be to demonstrate the extent to which the support system is failing, and the Vice-Chancellor will be present as a symbol of the University’s solidarity with our message.”
The day of action will take place in the main courtyard at the University’s city campus in Wolverhampton between 11am and 4pm.
The UWSU will also host a funding debate on Friday November 21, which will be attended by students, University Executive and Board of Governors, NUS, councillors, local business people and special guest, MP Rob Marris.
For further information please contact Caroline Rose, Welfare and Campaigns Vice President on: 01902 322045 or e-mail  

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