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Key role for University Director

Fiona Parsons has recently been appointed Vice-Chair of the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL).Fiona Parsons
The organisation promotes and develops outstanding work in library services in higher education and national libraries across the UK and Ireland.
The board consists of Directors of Library and Information Services. Fiona will shadow the Chair and assist her in overseeing the many sub committees who deal with areas such as space planning, performance measurement, research support and scholarlycommunications.
Fiona said she was delighted to have been elected by her peers and hoped that the role would enable her to help shape the work of SCONUL.
She would like to further develop SCONUL’s learning and teaching agenda, which ties in with her work at the University. She will look at existing activities and see how the University's experience in this area can contribute.
She said: “I am really pleased to have been elected. The strengths of the University of Wolverhampton - its reputation for excellence in learning and teaching, and cutting-edge, technology-supported learning - will enable me to champion our advanced practices.'
Fiona’s position as Vice-Chair will prepare her to take over the Chair in two years time, a position she will then hold for another two years.
“It will give me an opportunity to meet people and get more in-depth knowledge of the work of the board,” she said.
The University’s Learning and Information Services is very customer-focused and highly-regarded for utilising technology for students from a very diverse group.
Another major strength is the pioneering Wolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E-Theses (WIRE), an online collection providing free access to research and doctoral theses by University staff.
Fiona hopes this will continue to grow and has welcomed visitors from other institutions who are eager to emulate its success.

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