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University honour for Lisa

Lisa came to national prominence in 1996 when she was working as a nursery nurse at St Luke’s School in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. A man armed with a machete burst into the school grounds and attacked children, parents and Lisa.
Lisa sustained numerous injuries while trying to protect the children in her care. She was awarded over 20 local and national awards for her bravery including the George Medal.
She was determined that something positive would come from the experience, and founded the charity Believe to Achieve (B2A) to help the same community affected by the attack.
The aim of B2A is to raise self-esteem and achievement to help children and their families realise their full potential, working mainly with youngsters aged seven-11 at five schools. There are mentoring programmes, play work and creative opportunities.
She says being recognised by her local university was an unexpected honour.
”I was very excited when I found out,” she says. “It’s a great privilege to be recognised, especially by your home city.
“I’m passionate about Wolverhampton and very proud to be from the area.”
Parents also benefit from B2A, with support and guidance to explore techniques that have a positive impact on family dynamics, as well as organised summer trips to places like Blackpool, Barmouth, fruit picking farms and RAF Cosford.
The charity had previously linked up with the University’s School of Applied Sciences when psychology experts undertook research looking into the affect of the project within the community, with very positive results.
It was the School who nominated Lisa for an award, which will be presented at a ceremony at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton on September 5.

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