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Libkey Nomad – speeding up the research process

LibKey Nomad extension

We understand that the research process can feel complicated and lengthy and that you may want more options beyond our LibrarySearch. Perhaps you search directly via publishers or through Google? Do you get frustrated when you can’t access the full text due to paywalls?

That’s why we want to tell you about a new feature we are introducing called LibKey Nomad. By adding this extension in Google Chrome, you can search online for articles using your preferred method. When you find articles of interest, if the Library has a subscription to this, or it is available as open access, then installing Nomad will direct you through to the Library and you will be able to access the full text article.

 To start using LibKey Nomad, just follow these steps:

1. Install the LibKey Nomad extension (click ‘add to Chrome’; ‘add extension’ and then select ‘University of Wolverhampton’ as your Institution.)  The feature runs best on Google Chrome (install Chrome).

2. Once LibKey is installed, start searching for articles.  

LibKey Nomad extension download PDF button  



Follow the link and start reading!

If you have any further questions, check our guidance page or contact us.



For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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