Changes to depositing research publications

With the introduction of the University’s new Current Research Information System, Elements, the way you deposit your publications may have changed.

If you have a Significant Responsibility for Research (i.e. REF Eligible) you will be able to access Elements. You will now deposit to WIRE using the Elements Interface.

There are a couple of ways in which you can start the depositing process within Elements:

There's an 'Accepted for Publication' button, which you can use to deposit your publications; these must be compliant with Open Access (i.e. your Journal Articles and Conference Contributions). Clicking this will work through the process of depositing a publication with some added REF Guidance.

You can also deposit your publications by scrolling down to the 'My Summary' section and clicking the '+add' button (next to publications) and choosing the publication type you wish to deposit. Elements will ask you for the title/ISBN of your publication as it will check whether the publication already exists in Elements. If it already exists, you just click 'claim' next to the publication, the form will be pre-populated and you will just need to check this information and upload the file. If your publication cannot be found, please proceed to the next step to add your publication and complete the form, following the steps through to deposit.

Additional support, self-help guides and training details for Elements can be found on the Research website. 

If you do not have access to Elements, then the depositing process will not have changed. You can still deposit your publications using the WIRE submission form