Leganto Reading Lists

Leganto is the University Library’s system for creating and managing reading lists. The lists are available to your students via Canvas. You can access Leganto Reading Lists directly at wlv.ac.uk/Leganto.

If you want to talk to our Leganto team, get one-to-one training or help with developing your lists, or have questions about Leganto and the resources you can include, please email the Leganto Team at leganto@wlv.ac.uk. We can help via email or if you would like an appointment either online via Teams or in person, just ask!

You can download the Leganto guide here: Leganto - a Guide to Managing Your Reading Lists 

Reminder - requests for new books and resources ideally should be made during the module update windows, usually in Spring and Winter. This is to give the Library time to get the items before the coming semester.

And please remember to click “Send List” when you’ve made any changes to your list!

Workshop Dates for Semester 1 2022/23

Leganto: Updating your Reading Lists - Basics

The workshop will give you the chance to get hands-on with the Leganto system, get a basic understanding of how it all works, and prepare your reading lists for submission. 

September 13th 10-11am - Click here to join

September 22nd 9-10am - Click here to join

September 28th 10-11am - Click here to join

September 30th 12-1pm - Click here to join

October 5th 10-11am - Click here to join

October 10th 11am-12pm - Click here to join

October 18th 3-4pm - Click here to join

October 26th 12-1pm - Click here to join


Leganto: Updating your Reading Lists - Extra

This workshop will help you improve your reading lists, and give you some top tips for maximising your lists’ effectiveness

September 14th 3-4pm - Click here to join

October 7th 10-11am - Click here to join

October 13th 3-4pm - Click here to join

October 27th 2-3pm - Click here to join


For a practical introduction to Leganto readings lists, please watch this recording of one of our recent sessions– especially if you’re a new member of staff. In it, our librarians cover how you review, manage and submit your lists to the Library.

If you can’t make one of these workshops, we can arrange one-to-one support or a group workshop for you or your team. Please email leganto@wlv.ac.uk to arrange a suitable time.

Video Quick Guides

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