Linking to Electronic Resources

This guide is designed to help you create working authenticated links to electronic resources that can be used in Canvas, and will work for staff and students both on and off-campus.

Linking to an electronic article

Find the journal article through Summon.

Linking to article - Electronic article in summon, highlighting the preview link

Click on the Preview link to see the full details of the article. Click on the Permanent Link option, then press Ctrl + C to copy the link into your clipboard. The box below may look slightly different in your browser.

Linking to article - Permanent linkLinking to article - Copy permanent link within the preview in Summon

The link can now be pasted into Canvas, and should look something like this:

It may not look that pretty, but it is the most reliable link we can provide. This link will always take you to the article even if our subscriptions have changed since it was created (as long as we still have access to the article through at least one provider).

Authentication is also handled by this link – students off campus will be prompted to log in the first time they use one of these links during their browsing session.

Please check that the links work before publishing them. We cannot guarantee that they will continue to work forever but they are much more reliable than links direct to a single publisher.

Linking to an electronic journal

Find the ISSN of the journal using the A-Z of E-Journals and E-Books. The ISSN will be displayed in brackets after the journal title.

Linking to journal - Journal entry within the A-Z

Append the ISSN to this URL to create your link:

So the example becomes:

Linking to an ebook

Find the ISBN of the ebook using Summon. Click the Preview link to show more information about the ebook.

Linking to ebook - Summon record of the ebook

It will always be listed under ISBN (do not use the EISBN). You can use either the 13 or 10 digit ISBN.

Linking to ebook - ISBN required highlighted in record

Append the ISBN to this URL to create your link:

So the example becomes: