Curriculum Development and Planning

Our aim is to develop a strong working partnership with academic colleagues, enabling students to access high quality, peer reviewed resources appropriate to their level of study. We do this by attending planning meetings, supporting validations, assisting in resource visits, periodic reviews, and support for collaborate provision.


Planning a new modules or course - 8 key questions

  • What books, journals, and databases will students need?
  • Are all my resources accessible to all students?
  • How much will these cost?
  • Will students require access to specific software?
  • Where will the module /course be taught?
  • How many students will be studying on the module?
  • Will it be offered to collaborate partners?
  • What licensing issues need consideration?
  • How will  students develop their academic skills ?

Contacting your Liaison Librarian at the earliest point in the planning process will help you manage a whole lot of issues including accessibility, sourcing new publications, potential software requirements and licensing issues. This latter can be especially important when planning course for collaborate provision as not all resources may be available due to licensing issues.


Creating and maintaining module resource lists on e-vision.

Our process for purchasing new resources is driven by your module reading list on e-vision, so it is essential that you complete the appropriate sections for books, journals database and software, and keep updated when reviewing the module content.

We can advise on sourcing new titles, e-books, new editions, and suggest alternatives such as digitising chapters and articles to aid accessibility whilst operating within the CLA digitisation and scanning licence.

Note that we cannot take responsibility for any additional resources listed on Canvas or lists handed out in class. For more info see our Module Guidance (Word doc 23k).


Academic skills development

Finally have you considered how you might embed opportunities for students to develop good academic skills within your curriculum e.g. finding information, presentation and exam skills, report writing, critical thinking, doing literature reviews, reading and note making?

Working closely with our Skills Development  team we  can  advise on  the wide range of opportunities that can be built into modules and courses to ensure that students are introduced to essential skills to help them study at degree level and beyond. Support can be provided in a variety of ways to suit individual cohorts and learning styles. 

A grid detailing the range of support materials available to embed into taught modules is available here. For further information see the Skills for learning page.

Services for Academics

Subject Advice

DAS maintain a number of subject pages.These pages include recommended online resources for students to start their research in their discipline. We welcome feedback from academic staff and encourage you to discuss any additional information which may be helpful for students.

Students and staff can receive advice on finding information by visiting Learning Centre helpdesks or talking to LIS staff via ASSIST. The liaison librarians provide support for research and can be contacted at

Expectations of Academic Staff

Module leaders are responsible for providing information about books and journals on the module guide for students and we work in partnership to make these resources accessible to students.

We will check reading lists on e-vision to ensure that our resources match the requirements of students. We can also advise on new titles, new editions and also recommend digitisation of chapters and articles within the CLA digitisation and scanning licence. Academic staff and researchers can also suggest recommendations for purchase.

New Courses, Validation and Quality

DAS works in close partnership with academic staff primarily focusing on resources and opportunities for skills development within the curriculum. We welcome an input at the earliest opportunity so that we can work with the development team leader and module leaders, from the initial planning stage through to the final stage of delivery.

To find out more about how we can contribute to course development, take a look at the presentation LIS & curriculum design (Powerpoint 502k)

LIS also provides access to high quality, peer reviewed resources for learning, teaching and research.


Skills for Learning Grid

Skills for learning