Winter School 2019 at the International Academy


The University of Wolverhampton’s International Academy is currently hosting its second Winter School with visiting students from Hanbat National University South Korea, Jilin University China, Northeast Normal University Changchun, China and Hoseo University in South Korea.

The Winter School programme is designed to develop English language communication skills and enhance intercultural awareness whilst visiting places of historical, cultural and business interest in the UK.  Students are aged between 20 and 38 years of age and have the opportunity to take part in option classes in Business, Art and Professional Communication.

Adam Yardley, Short Course Leader at the International Academy, said: “This is our second year of running the Winter School which was developed from the success of the Summer School programmes.  The current cohorts include students from diverse backgrounds coming from our partners around the world to experience university study and I am very pleased to hear students making plans to return for further study on Bachelor and Master degrees.”

Angela Molinari, Acting Principal of the International Academy commented: “I am delighted to see such a vibrant and enthusiastic group of students at the International Academy who have come to further develop their English Language skills and envelop themselves in British life. It is truly rewarding to see first-hand how students are benefitting from complete immersion into the language and culture and begin to consider new areas of study which the University of Wolverhampton can offer them.“

These talented students had this to say about their experience:

Zhang Meng, commented: “Everyone here makes me feel at home and the teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. Through this course I have improved my spoken English and I’ll continue to improve my writing skills. I think this Winter School course is an interesting experience which can enrich my CV.”

Li Zijin, commented: “Teachers and staff are kind and enthusiastic and the environment is great. Attending the course cultivates my skills to communicate with people who come from different countries.  I love it here!”

Lin Liaohong, commented: “I’ve gained in confidence and the class time is very active and I’m enjoying it.”

Yang Yitong, commented: “I really like the course and the country and I want to apply for MA illustration.”

Mengqi Zhang, commented: “I have become more vocal and the teaching has enriched my experience.”

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