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Important Timetable Information for Staff & Students


Important Timetable Information for Staff: The following information has been sent to students on Friday 13th December 2019. Academic staff can access their timetables online or via CMISGo

Your timetable for the remainder of the 2019/20 Academic Year is now available to view online at and via your MyWLV app (see

Please be aware that times and/or rooms may need to change as we continue to work through any clashes or queries. We are doing our best to minimise the number of changes that have to be made, but please make sure you check your timetable regularly for any updates.

We have recently launched a new text notification service so that we can let you know of any changes that we have made to your timetable in the next 7 days. If you wish to receive these texts, please ensure that you have provided us with an active UK phone number on eVision.

Timetable webpage

When you access your timetable via , you will be able to search for any module code to view the whole timetable associated with that module. This will also show you all the group and seminar events for the module for all students.


The MyWLV timetable will show you the times for any modules you're registered for - this is your new personalised timetable and is much easier to read than the full University timetable. We are currently allocating students into their groups and seminar events and once you have been allocated into a group, you will see those specific events on your personalised timetable too. Please note that if you have not yet been placed in a group, it will not yet be showing on your personalised timetable. If your personal timetable doesn't show your modules, please check that you are registered for your modules on eVision, and contact your faculty Student Services if there are any issues.

If you have not already downloaded the MyWLV app, please do so here. This is an important channel of communication between you and the University, not only for your timetable.

If you have any queries about your timetable, please contact your Faculty Student Services, who will be able to help. Please be assured that we continue to work to provide all students with a stable, personalised and clash-free timetable as soon as possible.

Central Timetabling Unit




For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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