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Student Update: Road to Reopening @WLV – Safety on Campus, Digital Campus and Student Support

Student Update: Road to Reopening @WLV – Safety on Campus, Digital Campus and Student Support

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to your studies in the new academic year. As you will appreciate, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic means that working and studying on-campus will be rather different to previously.

We remain committed to ensuring that you have the best learning experience possible but we need to place the safety of students and staff at the heart of everything we do.

This means that there will be strict social distancing measures and other controls, such as wearing of face-masks in certain areas, which will be in place in line with local authority and UK Government requirements at any time. It is your responsibility as a member of the University community to be aware and abide by these so that we are all safe. Therefore, I would ask you to carefully read the 12 classroom principles before you come back onto campus.

Classroom Principles

The 12 classroom principles set out our requirements for staff and students when using teaching spaces. These are designed to protect you and the other users of the classroom. Failure to comply with them will be treated as a disciplinary matter under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure and could result in your exclusion from the University.

The classroom principles prohibit the changing of room layouts, provide guidance on keeping your work space clean, and outline what to do if you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms.

The classroom principles will be displayed across our campuses on digital screens, in classrooms and are now available to view on the Road to Reopening @WLV webpage.
Please take some time to review the principles to understand what is expected of you on return to campus.

View our Classroom Principles here

Digital Campus

As outlined in our Road to Reopening @WLV, when you return to your studies in the new academic year your teaching will take the form of blended learning – which means a mixture of face-to-face delivery, on-campus and virtual lessons or lectures.

Access to IT and learning technologies will form a significant component of this and your educational experience at the University. There will be a set of common and core IT essentials that all students will need to access, as well as specialist software for some courses.

It will be important for you to re-familiarise yourself with your digital learning environment and those IT essentials you will need for your day-to-day studying.

Whether you are studying from home on your own device or on-campus using a University PC, you will have access to all our core applications:
  • Microsoft 365 for your email, file creation and storage.
  • Canvas for your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • MyWLV app for central access to everything in one place (including your timetable).
  • E:Vision where you can update your details and log a Helpdesk call.
You can find more information about our digital campus, including a video tour of your virtual learning environment here:

Software and PCs will be available for you to use on-campus. You can also access a full range of free software to use on your own laptop or PC, including a free version of Microsoft Office 365.

If your course requires access to specialist software, for example Adobe Creative Cloud, your course team will provide you with more information during WLV Welcome and Induction on how this will be managed.

For help and support you can contact the University IT Service Desk by email ( or via the online portal, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

University Accommodation

I want to reassure all our students that social distancing measures are being implemented throughout our halls of residence. There is clear signage and markers to help students maintain social distancing and feel safe. We have also placed hand sanitiser at all entry points for our students to use when entering and exiting the accommodation blocks.

In preparation for your return to campus, any student who has arranged to stay in University accommodation will be able to select a date and time slot to arrive. This is so we can manage the number of people moving around accommodation at any one time.

For more information on staying safe in our halls of residence, alongside guidance on our expectations for those staying in accommodation, please visit:

Support for you

The health and wellbeing of our students has always been important to us, but especially during this time of uncertainty. The University of Wolverhampton has a wide range of support and resources to help you prioritise your wellbeing during your studies and we are working on enhancing these to make sure that whatever support you need, you can access it without difficulty both online and on-campus.

Money Matters

We understand that going to university is a significant investment in your future and it can be difficult to understand all the financial support available to you.

If you are a UK or EU student continuing your studies in 2020/21 you should remember to reapply for your student finance, the easiest way to do this is online.

You can find more information and advice on the financial support available to you during your studies here: or if you have a specific query you can email

Mental Health – Togetherall (formally known as Big White Wall)

The University has arranged for all our students to have access to a digital mental health and wellbeing support service – Togetherall.

You might have previously known this service by Big White Wall, it has recently been renamed but continues to offer the same great support.
Togetherall offers 24/7 support, with trained clinicians online at all times, as well as a range of helpful tools and resources. It provides a community space to share thoughts and is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. 
You can also work through a selection of courses relevant to you and access tools alongside helpful techniques to help manage your mental health.

Visit: to sign up, using your email address.

More information about mental health support services can be found here:

Wolves SU

The Students’ Union provide a robust support offering to students while studying at the University of Wolverhampton. 

The Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) offers professional, free, independent, and confidential advice and representation for all students and is independent of the University. This means the team can represent you in your dealings with the University without any conflict of interest.

The advice team can aid you in a variety of enquiries from academic misconduct to housing concerns to student finance. The service itself is also exploring to expand ways in which it support students looking at online drop-in methods and live chat functions. Further detail on this will be available shortly.

School Reps and Course Reps have grown from strength to strength, representing your Student Voice while you study at the University. Reps ensure that all students have their say on the improvement of their learning experience.

By talking and listening to students, School and Course Reps gather collective views to present to the University and the SU, and focus on closing the feedback loop to students- so they are aware of the impact their voice is having.

Away from academic and finance concerns, the Students’ Union helps to build student communities through Societies and the Well at Wolves programme. By offering avenues for you to make friends, learn new skills and provide you with and offering to all-round look after your health and wellbeing.

Enrolment and module registration

When you have obtained enough credits to progress on to your next year of studies (or been granted a temporary progression code pending your results) you will be notified that enrolment and module registration is open for you in e:Vision.

It is important that you complete both of these tasks as soon as possible so that we can prepare your personalised timetable ahead of the new academic year.

It is important that you access your own personal timetable via the MyWLV app. Only those students registered to attend a taught session on-campus will be allowed into the classroom. This is essential for managing social distancing, and will be enforced by teachers with reference to the class register.

Instructions for enrolment

You will need to log in to your e:Vision and select the ‘Enrolment’ button on the home page. From here you’ll be able to upload your ID photo, add your personal details and tell us how you’re funding your studies.

You can find further instructions, including a step-by-step video guide on how to enrol here:

If you are experiencing any problems completing your enrolment tasks, please log a Helpdesk call in e:Vision. A key benefit to using the Helpdesk call is that it's very easy to track, update and have a record of your query and our responses, we will respond to your call as soon as possible.

Little Scholars Nursery

The current economic situation has been challenging for us and many other organisations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The University is financially stable but, like many organisations and educational environments, needs to take a prudent approach to expenditure to safeguard the financial positon of the University and its future.

Unfortunately due to the current restrictions brought about by the Coronavirus it is no longer viable to run the Little Scholars nursery and we have therefore had to make the difficult decision not to reopen this facility and service.

This has been a very difficult decision for the University as we understand the provision of childcare is important for members of our University community. We are identifying alternative provision in the area with good OFSTED ratings to assist users of the nursery in the future.

Where you can find more information

You can find more information about our plans for the safe and managed return to our campuses in our Road to Reopening @WLV, this includes our latest updates, how we will manage your learning and teaching in the new academic year, and what you can expect on-campus.
We are committed to keeping students up to date and we do this by email, on our social media channels (InstagramTwitter and Facebook) and the University Student News web page.
I want to reassure all students that staff across the University are working hard in preparation for the new semester. We strive to provide the best student experience possible and we always welcome your feedback.

The ‘Services for students at the University of Wolverhampton’ survey is now open and you can access the survey here:
Thank you, and stay safe. 

Professor Julia Clarke
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

View our Road to Reopening @WLV here

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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