FD (Arts) Digital Media and Games Design

The Digital Media and Games Design industries are both rapidly expanding and increasing in use and popularity. From the prominence of mobile applications to the continued recognition of PC and console gaming, media and visual design. Courses in this sector have never been so relevant and in demand.

This course will provide you with a broad understanding and knowledge of games and digital media design. A range of technical and methodological skills necessary to analyse, design and implement the development of these media will be delivered on the course.

3D modelling and the use of game engines is one of the main focuses of the course and will give students the ability to be proficient with these tools.

Modules on the course are structured to allow a progressive learning curve using iterations for visual design and idea generation for product prototypes and full games. In order to aid your development, the course has a range of specialist equipment and software such as motion capture and virtual reality to help bring your ideas to life. There is also a good opportunity to aid with teamwork and employability skills with real world clients.