BSc (Hons) Public Health

What keeps people healthy? Public health is about creating a healthy, happy society – helping to prevent health problems, rather than working with people who are ill.

We can look out of our window to see issues that public health can improve. On this course, you’ll learn how you can make a difference to society for many people, working towards preventing people getting ill and even saving lives.

The discipline has always had a major role in preventing health problems and protecting the health of the nation, and is more relevant now than ever. Emphasis is placed on tackling the underlying causes of ill health, promoting health and wellbeing, and addressing health inequalites.

Wolverhampton has some of the worst health statistics in the country. We work a lot with Directors of Public Health, so you will benefit from a strong practical emphasis on real life situations.

Many agencies now have public health responsibilities, which is opening up new opportunities for innovative approaches. It also brings the need for a well-prepared public health workforce, able to work flexibly across many disciplines and demonstrate a wide range of abilities. The course is specifically designed to fulfil this need.

Exercise and physical activity are one of the key pillars of Public Health England’s strategy – if you're particularly interested in promoting exercise for health, the BSc (Hons) Exercise & Health degree might be of interest.