BSc (Hons) Architecture

The aim of this course is to challenge you to explore your creative design capabilities whilst exploiting traditional and modern technologies and materials for the development of the current and future Built Environment. Throughout your study, you will explore how architecture can shape national and international communities and culture, including developing a deep understanding of the responsibility to create sustainable solutions.

Each level of the course is centred on the design studio and this gives you the opportunity to engage with real world projects and put theory into practice. In total, half of the course is based around design projects, where assessment is undertaken through the submission of design portfolios. Working within a studio environment will allow you to develop vocational architectural skills and develop your intellectual capabilities to explore theory and critically evaluate your work and that of others.
Our rich heritage with emerging technologies will equip you for the modern construction industry. Our expertise in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and visualisation techniques along with their integration into the curriculum, will position you to exploit this exciting new approach to the worldwide construction sector.

Our strong international links will provide you with the opportunity to develop design skills that draw from a range of cultures and identities. Study trips will support this element of your learning and assist you in relating culture to theory and how these can be included in your design projects.


The course BSc (Hons) Architecture is ARB part 1 prescribed and RIBA Candidate course for Part 1

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