BNurs (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing


Learning Disabilities' nurses help people who have a disability to maintain and improve their lifestyles and participate as equal members in the community.The vast majority of people with a learning disability live in the community with their families and participate and contribute to society as do we. Such individuals and their families are supported by a community nursing team who work with the family in supporting the person with a learning disability to lead as independent life as possible. There are a number of people with a learning disability who require services such as 24 hour nursing care and support, respite care, usually to give their family a break for a few days from looking after them, and supported living schemes.

The term ‘learning disabilities’ can apply to all age groups ranging from children with special needs e.g. Autistic Spectrum disorders, to adults with mental health needs or multiple-sensorial disabilities.

Other services include occupational/recreational services to enable the individual to access and use community services that we take for granted and schools and children services.

These services have the same objectives for people with learning disabilities; to promote independence, offer choices, to improve their quality of life and life chances, and to enable the person with a learning disability to achieve their aspirations to engage in citizenship in their local communities.


Our Learning Disability Nursing course will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective nursing care to people with learning disabilities and if successful, to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as a registered Learning Disability Nurse in a variety of health and social care settings. This is a professional vocational award that carefully integrates theory and practice with 50% of the programme delivered in practice and 50% within the University.

It is designed from a person-centred, practice focused perspective to equip you with the increasingly complex practice skills required by today’s healthcare profession. We prepare you to practice in the 21st century by developing your skills in therapeutic communication and your understanding of the uniqueness of individuals. The course aims to provide a professional award that will provide students’ with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to enable people with Learning Disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Nursing is a demanding vocation which requires hard work, commitment, the ability to problem solve, work independently and contribute to care as part of a team.

INTAKES: September only

WHERE: Walsall Campus

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