Support and advice covering all aspects of the student experience!

City Campus

Alan Turing Building (MI024) (we are just to right of the entrance)

Tel: (01902) 322129

Open - Monday to Friday     8.45 am – 5.00 pm

Alan Turing Building

(For details on all of the faculties student services teams please use this link)

Telford Campus

The Darby Building (SC041)

Tel: (01902) 323860

Open - Monday to Friday     8.45 am – 5.00 pm 


Come and see your Student Services Team

Student Services Administrators

Kate Safi (City Campus) Gerri Whitmore (City Campus) and Lacy Cutler (Telford Campus)

Our Student Services Administrators are your first point of contact when you contact the Student Services office. Our role is to:

  • provide first-line triage to all student queries and offer advice and guidance where appropriate
  • administer assignment submissions
  • conduct the International monthly check-in
  • assist with SAMs and Academic Skills appointments.

 A Student Service Administrator may then refer you onto a Student Advisor

Student Advisors

Jennie Norwood and Kim Turner

  • Support individual student difficulties in liaison with colleagues in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the wider University 
  • Support and mentor the Graduate Interns
  • Understand the student  journey and support them throughout their programme to reach their full potential
  • Engage with students to promote support available
  • Encourage students to utilise the support offered
  • Advice of University regulations
  • Programmes (course) advice
  • Signposting
  • Progression advice
  • Advice of extenuating circumstances and extensions
  • You can also book an appointment to see a Student Advisor using the Student Appointment Management System (SAMS) 

Student Services Co-ordinator

If you would like to contact the manager of the Student Services Team for the Faculty of Science and Engineering please email Kate Faulkner, Student Services Coordinator (

General Guidance


If you have a query we would recommend logging a Helpdesk call through evision, for the fastest response (at peak times we guarantee to respond within 3 working days but normally we can respond within 1 working day).

Another benefit to using the Helpdesk call is it's very easy to track your query, update your query and have a record of your queries and our responses for the full duration of your course.

eVision / Course Administration

  • Leave of Absence
  • Internal Transfers
  • Requesting Official Letters (Council Tax, Bank, Confirmation of Study)

eVision / Programmes and Modules

  • If you have a manual assignment submission (i.e. you need to physically hand in a hard copy) please print your arcade cover sheet from eVision attach it to your assignment and bring it into us.
  • Extenuating Circumstances / Extensions (if you need extra time or are unable to attend an exam* you need to complete this process before your deadline / exam date)

*Subject to your reason being acceptable under our policies and suitable independent evidence being provided.  Please discuss this with us for further guidance. 

You can also view the policies entitled Extensions - Guidance for Students and Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for Student at this link under the Individual Conduct section.


We have a Student Services page on Canvas where we will post useful information about your course.  Every student in our faculty should be linked to that page automatically.


Our Student Appointment Management System (SAMS) is accessible at any time so that you can make an appointment to see your Personal Tutor / Module Leader / Course Leader or any member of academic staff.