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What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade looks to offer support, infrastructure and trading opportunities to producers from both developing and developed countries. It aims to create long-term partnerships in a fair trading environment.

Fairtrade isn’t a charity. It helps producers help themselves, with fair wages, safe and healthy work places and practices, a respect for cultural identity and an eye on environmental sustainability.

Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a minimum amount (or market value if higher) for what they produce, and also provides an additional premium that can be invested in community projects to improve the lives of farm workers, and the communities beyond.

For more details visit the Fairtrade Foundation website 

We've been a Fairtrade University since June 2008 and Fairtrade products are sold in all University outlets across our campuses.

As a Fairtrade University we are committed to:

  • making Fairtrade goods available on campus
  • campaigning for increased Fairtrade consumption
  • spreading the word...

The University has also developed a Fairtrade Policy which highlights the aims and objectives of the University in respect it's Fairtrade commitment.

The University is also a member of the Wolverhampton City Fairtrade Partnership - where you can find details about the partnership and a directory of places to find Fairtrade products across the City.