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Where to eat

Where to eat in Wolverhampton

Stomach rumbling? Whether you need to grab something quick before lectures, or fuel a longer study session, you’ll find something tasty and nutritious on-campus. The Courtyard Kitchen in Millennium City Building offers a wide range of healthy and price-conscious dishes, as well as options to pick up if you’re in a rush.

A brand-new Costa Coffee is also open in the Millennium City Building, so you can get your caffeine fix and relax in Costa’s familiar surroundings or do some people-watching in the Courtyard.

If you’re at the other end of campus, at City Campus Molineux, your closest option for food and drinks is The Forum Grab & Go in the Lord Swraj Paul Building. It offers hot and cold food and drinks, as well as a place to take a seat, catch up on your messages, or meet with friends.

Finally, if you’re studying hard in Harrison Library, or heading for a work-out in the Sports Centre you can pick up hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks from The Campus Store in main corridor of the Ambika Paul Building. You can also pick up a University hoodie to keep warm and show your pride!

If you want a change of scenery from being on-campus, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in and around Wolverhampton city centre. Enjoy Wolverhampton also has a handy guide to what’s available, whether you want a curry, sandwich, fried chicken or something fancy.

Independent eateries
Wolverhampton has a growing number of independent eateries springing up, serving everything from mouth-watering Mediterranean marvels to spicy street food.

Nutmeg in Farmers Fold (the alley beside Waterstone’s) has a growing reputation for its Mediterranean inspired food: whether delicious vegan options, halloumi fries, or shawarma wraps, all food is home-cooked and freshly prepared on-site. Eat-in or takeaway. Or if you want a more traditional coffee shop, it’s sister-site, Café Royale across the road offers mouth-watering cakes, milkshakes and more.

Café Maxsim on Darlington Street is a family-run restaurant offering sandwich and jacket potato meal deals if you’re looking for something quick. Or, if you have time to sit down and take your time, you’re sure to find something to hit the spot with their tempting tapas and options for all diets: from vegan chimichanga hongos or comforting gnocchi quattro formaggi, to Grecian lamb meatballs.

Tunwalls on Victoria Street is housed in the oldest building in Wolverhampton: the Lindy Lou. The family-run café and eatery offers coffee and cakes as well as more substantial lunches. So if you want a fry-up, fish and chips, or perhaps pie and mash, you can soak up the gravy as well as the historic atmosphere.

Craving a samosa? Need some tikka? Street food desires? Get your curry-in-a-hurry from Sachin’s. You’ll find his bright-red mobile food truck at the top end of Queen Street, outside Wolverhampton Homes. Grab a delicious, belly-warming lunch that won’t break the bank. Head back to eat it in the comfort of ‘Digbeth’ – the Wulfruna lounge area beneath the main entrance of Wulfruna Building.

Pub grub

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a bit of pub grub. You’re spoilt for student deals a stone’s throw from campus. If you’re based at Springfield Campus and heading in early, you can get breakfast from 6.30am at The Bluebrick on Sun Street, or get to know a new uni buddy over some food with two meals for under £10.

The ‘big five’ closest to Wolverhampton City Campus are:

Whether you’re grabbing an infamous sausage roll from Greggs or need some southern-fried chicken NOW, you can get your fast-food fix from well-known high-street chains across the city centre.

If you’re looking to sit down and relax with your meal, there are eateries offering cuisines from across the globe and to suit all budgets. For a night out of cocktails and wings, head to student-haunt Bunk on Princess Street. For 'dawgs', brisket burgers and all-things smoked, Rodeos BBQ by the canal on Wednesfield Road offers a flavour of Americana as well as live music, themed nights and food challenges. Sometimes there’s nothing like Nandos, and in Wolverhampton it’s a stone’s throw from campus on Queen Street, offering eat-in, delivery and collection of your favourite peri-peri perfection. 

For pizza, pasta and la dolce vita, you’re spoilt for choice, with Rocco restaurant and Rosso e Nero on Darlington Street and local institution Bella a little further down the road in Chapel Ash. Or if your taste is for something from the East, Made in Thai is also on Darlington Street, or you can eat-in, take-away or get delivery of your favourite sushi fix from Iso Sushi Wok & Grill in Chapel Ash… did someone say katsu curry?

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you don’t want to splash out sometimes, and you needn’t go far. For a meal that feels magnificent: The Bilash and Hamiltons Restaurant are walking distance from campus, while a short drive away, there are options such as The CowshedFiume and Miller & Carter.

And if you want to end on something to satisfy a sweet tooth, Wolverhampton has a growing range of places serving fabulous sweet treats or specialising in desserts. The Little Dessert Shop on Queen Street or Heavenly Desserts on Darlington Street are just two of the specialist eateries in the centre of the city.