Jacob Epstein sculpture: Nan [The Dreamer]

Culture, Art and Music

Walsall stands as an exceptional centre for creativity, culture, and entertainment. The New Art Gallery presents an extraordinary array of modern art, spanning paintings, sculptures, and mixed media.

For those inclined towards theatre, The Grange Playhouse hosts a diverse range of plays, dramas, and comedy performances. Moreover, Walsall Arena offers fantastic concert experiences among the city's other notable highlights.

Inside The Grange Playhouse, rows of seats on descending stairs facing a stage decorated to look like a living room
A pink three-wheeled trailer van with a variety of decals on display in the New Art Gallery
Inside Walsall Arena: Rows of seats in front of a stage with a digital screen
Rows of bookshelves in Walsall Central Library, to the left of seating areas

Top 4 culture, art, and music spots in and around Walsall.

Established in 1951, The Grange Playhouse holds a central role in the community as a theatre driven by local engagement. It has garnered acclaim for its diverse repertoire, featuring award-winning productions spanning dramas, comedies, and thrillers penned by renowned authors and playwrights, including Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, and Alan Bennett.

Presenting a dynamic mix of exhibitions, educational programs, and events, The New Art Gallery has stood as a centre of modern and contemporary art in Walsall since 2000.

It provides both visitors and the local community with an opportunity to delve into Walsall’s heritage while showcasing artworks that span historical, modern, and contemporary periods from across the globe. Other areas of interest in the gallery are the roof terrace, art library, art shop and the in-house Costa Coffee.

 A multi-purpose arts and events venue, Walsall Arena and Arts Centre regularly hosts concerts, performances, and conferences alongside participatory arts activities. This state-of-the-art arena caters to a diverse range of interests, offering something for everyone, be it music, drama, dance, comedy, or film.

In the heart of town, Walsall Central Library is a significant cultural and learning hub. It incorporates the central library, the local history centre and archive collections of Walsall Council, as well as an ICT lounge and bustling coffee shop offering subsided hot drinks.