The STEM Response Team

Dr Martin Khechara BSc (Hons) PhD PGcert SFHEA FIBMS

Martin Khechara is an Associate Professor for Engagement in science technology engineering and maths (STEM) at the University of Wolverhampton. Martin is a medical microbiologist, researcher and educator who has an international profile for his work in pedagogy for higher education. He is also a public engagement practitioner, science communicator, presenter, writer, director and science theatre performer who believes that studying at university can change lives. Martin leads the development of strategy for better outreach and public engagement for STEM subject areas for the University of Wolverhampton and is a champion of social change and actively works in the community as manager and creative director of the award-winning STEM Response Team. Through this group, Martin has successfully managed a wide variety of high-value funded projects for outreach and public engagement and has used these to bring the magic of STEM subjects to those who need it the most. 

Heather Angell MSci (Hons)

Heather Angell is a research scientist in forensic microbiology and taphonomy at the University of Wolverhampton. Her research helps to shed light on the role of microorganisms in the decomposition of animals and humans in the environment with the aim of creating better ways of calculating the time since death for use in forensic investigations in the UK.

Heather is also a project management specialist, professional public engagement and outreach practitioner, science communicator, presenter and communication skills trainer for education and industry. She is the operations manager for the STEM Response team acting as the first point of contact for new partners and ensures that the outreach and public engagement produced is inclusive, high quality and available to all. Heather truly believes in the benefits outreach can have in changing both students and the public perception of STEM and the power of breaking down negative stereotypes to show that careers in STEM are accessible to all.