Mentor Zone

Mentoring contract

Once you have been matched with your mentee, and you meet them for the first time at the first get-together meeting, you and your new mentee(s) complete a mentoring contract. This contract lays out the expectations of the scheme, for both parties. We ask that both you and your mentee read through this together, then sign this and return it to us for our records. Here is an example of the Iod mentor contract (Word doc 16k)


If you are new to us as a mentor, we will offer you a short refresher/training session on the same day that you will be meeting you mentee for the first time. Here are some of the slides from the mentor training session last time: IoD Mentors introduction presentation

Handbook and guide for mentors

iodIf you are concerned about the expectations of the scheme, here is a handy guide  developed a few years ago to give mentors an idea about who does what during the various stages/phases of the mentoring process: IoD Mentoring Scheme Guidelines (Word doc 22k)

We have also developed an IoD Mentor Handbook for those who would like to read more about the theory and practice of mentoring.

This handbook explains that as a mentor we expect you to adhere to the Global code of ethics

Questions or concerns?

If you have any queries, worries or concerns about the IoD Student Mentoring Scheme, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator, Jenni Jones on