Who we are

The Arts Learning and Teaching (ALTR) Research Group in located in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Wolverhampton. We are a group of academics who broadly share research interests in learning and teaching.

In tackling contemporary learning and teaching issues, the Faculty of Arts engages with on-going development of innovative approaches that bridge conventional boundaries between research disciplines and creative solutions to the challenges involved with the contemporary curriculum. The University of Wolverhampton responded to these overall challenges with the foundation of the College of Learning and Teaching (CoLT) and the establishment of connected professorial posts in Learning and Teaching in each Faculty.

ALTR has research expertise across numerous aspects of arts education. We are able to demonstrate well-respected expertise and experience; engage in the latest research initiatives; and provide informed thinking on key arts education topics relating to arts learning and teaching within a range of contexts including: art as research/art-based research, applied arts and health/wellbeing, using arts for improved mental health in higher education, curriculum development and partnership working, locally, nationally and internationally.   

ALTR Aims and Objectives


  1. To develop a rich array of pedagogic and andragogic research outputs;
  2. To develop a culture of valuing learning and teaching research;
  3. To enable researchers at all levels to engage meaningfully and productively.


  1. Actively encourage and assist members to be research active (includes mentoring early career researchers) and to present that research to a wider audience;
  2. Break down ‘silos’ by encouraging interdisciplinary research;
  3. Develop, in multiple ways, members’ ability to clearly articulate learning and teaching philosophy and practice;
  4. Follow through with appropriately relevant research into the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Committee.

What we do

Our research activity is firmly rooted in improving practice with staff working within a range of settings and engaging in all aspects of project management and evaluation, research design, data collection and analysis.   

Through our work we aim to:

  • Seek opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research and developmental work to enhance opportunities and the quality of learning and teaching in the arts;
  • Disseminate research more widely, making it accessible and meaningful to all those involved in arts learning and teaching;
  • Facilitate a range of activities to bring together local, national and international partnerships and networks of researchers and practitioners to support the development of learning and teaching in the arts in the West Midlands and the wider communities of the University.