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Studying issues relating to learning and teaching in the arts is the focus of ALTR. Drawing from a range of approaches and perspectives such as teacher research, reflective practice, art-based research, artist-educator-researcher, pedagogy, andragogy (adult learning), applied research, participatory arts, arts training, heritage education and art-based community education. The Research Group investigates a broad range of arts learning and teaching practices in a broad range of contexts.

Choosing the right course of study

A research degree – MPhil (Master of Philosophy) or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) – is an individual academic investigation carried out under the supervision of a small team of specialists who offer high-level advice, support and training.

Typically, for both degrees you are required to:

  • develop and articulate a clear aim or research question
  • review the relevant literature in the field
  • apply an appropriate methodology or theoretical framework to your investigation.

Apply for a research degree

There are two ways to apply to study for a research degree:

  1. Expression of interest: If you are a prospective research student and would like to receive more information about undertaking a research programme at the University of Wolverhampton please visit Apply to be a Research Student. Do not forget to mention ALTR in your enquiry.
  1. Email the ALTR Group Leader or another ALTR member to arrange an informal discussion.