Doctoral Depictions Photo Competition 2023

As part of Researcher’s Week and ARC2023, Doctoral Depictions is another way in which we can share the breadth and quality of research being undertaken by research students and is also an opportunity for students studying at a distance to take part in the conference activities.

Our Research Students were asked to submit a photograph, title and description that represents their research. Images can be edited and a range of effects can be added but it must be their own work. The image can represent the specifics of the research project, the research journey, or the approach to undertaking research, etc..

Doctoral Depictions 2023 Winner

The young will eat well tonight! Dawn Morgan, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Everything needs to eat!

My research is looking at the insect succession on cadavers, but, my experiments are also helping in other areas too, like providing food for wasp larvae.

The wasp (Vespula vulgaris) observed finding a Calliphoridae larvae and trying to take it back to the nest.

Doctoral Depictions 2023 Runner-up

Interwoven Tangled Threads in arts-based research -Deborah Littley, Faculty of  Education, Health & Wellbeing

A piece of art incorporating printing, weaving and stitch created to represent the complexity of my thought processes during my research project.

The stitching is used to connect the different pathways taken and the threads, whilst uniform, lead to a tangle of conflict and confusion yet to be unravelled.

Doctoral Depictions 2023 People's Choice

Who am I? - Sarah Parker, Faculty of Arts, Business & Social Sciences

My research into everyday objects, attempts to reveal our relationship and how it transforms over time.

The objects become vessels for our memories. This photograph of my mother, robbed of her memories through Alzheimer’s, shows her surrounded with objects revealing who she was.