ARC 2023 Schedule Day 1

Monday 12 June 2023


Registration & Information (MC437)


Welcome Day 1 – Professor John Raftery, Vice Chancellor (MC001, Lecture Theatre)


Keynote: Professor Iza Radecka -  From trash to treasure – role of microbes in circular economy

(MC001, Lecture Theatre)


Session 1 (MC415)

Session 2 (MC414)

Session 3 (MC413)


Dr Dev Acharya, with Mr Prakash Adhikari, Mr Kumar Khadka - Strengthening Nepalese Women’s Access to Sustainable Livelihoods in the COVID-19 Context

Dr Ayman Antoun Reyad  - The

Efficacy and Safety of Daridorexant in the Management of Insomnia

ICRD Seminar - Creating social impact through place-base research: Launching ICRD’s new research themes

10:00    Professor Laura Caulfield & Dr James Rees - Introduction and launch of our new research themes

10:15    Siobhan Sadlier - Network mapping to support survivors of domestic abuse

10:25    Christiane Jenkins - Substance-Use Disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery: Improving treatment outcomes for service users

10:45    Isha Chopra - Evaluating the impact of the West Midlands Violence Prevention Partnership: Trauma Informed Training

11:05    Short break

11:15    Nicola Taylor-Brown - Women and Criminal Justice:

11:35    Silke Marynissen - Participatory music programmes in prison

11:55    Dr Joshua Blamire - Tackling Inequality through Participatory Placemaking: Towards Heritage-Based Approaches to ‘Levelling Up’,

12:15    Speaker panel discission: Navigating complexity in community and social research


Dr Zhongliang Bai - Complex association of self-rated health, depression, functional ability with loneliness in rural community-dwelling older adults

Rye A. Greywood - Immune system suppression in glioblastoma brain tumours


Jiaqian Yin - Association of advanced parental age with implantation failure: a cohort study in China

Swee Yee Shea  - Transitioning the corporate insolvency culture from terminating companies to rehabilitating companies – Corporate Insolvency in Malaysia.


Alis Rasul  - Utilising the Critical interpretative synthesis literature review framework with other tools and frameworks



Dr Nazanin Khasteganan - Comparing the effectiveness of High-Intensity and Conventional Weight Loss programmes on cardiovascular risk and well-being in adults with obesity

Marc Smale - Implications of Industry 4.0 on Education 4.0: challenges this presents to Teacher Educators and Teachers


Sandra Pratt - Cultural and Linguistic Connections

Kumar Jayantilal - ‘Neoliberal Performativity and Primary Teachers’ Lived Experiences’: An Evolving Research Project


Kanishka Silva  - Authorship Attribution on Long 19th Century Novels using GAN-BERT

Gavin Ward and Ronnie Richards - Playing by White rules of racial equality: Student athlete experiences of racism in British university sport.


Professor Mohammed Patwary - Exploring Digital Inclusion for SMEs: A Case Study of Digital Enterprise

Chioma Cynthia Ibeneme 
& Godwinner Arwill - Racism, Discrimination, and Harassment in Dental Schools in the UK.





Session 4 (MC415)

Session 5 (MC413)


Dr Tim Baldwin - Conservation and floral biology of Restrepia: a botanical gem of the Andes

Applied Cognition and Individual Differences Symposium

Dr Tom Mercer and Dr Claire Jones – Introduction.

Dr Claire Jones – A latent profile analysis of Covid-19 conspiracy beliefs


Dr Niall Galbraith - Who puts their faith in complementary and alternative medicine? A psychological perspective.

Anthony Byrne – Adolescent conspiracy theory beliefs

David Martin – Reasoning errors and misinformation susceptibility in adolescents:


Prof Andy Lane - Old dogs can learn new tricks! Comparing the effects of brief psychological skills training by age

Dr Tom Mercer – Memory and misinformation.

Short Break


Dr James Lovelock, Matt Powell,  Nathan Shanley & Ash Collard - Queer representation in musical theatre

Dr Claire Jones – Conspiracy theory beliefs and subclinical psychotic-like experiences


Keynote: Professor Laura Caulfield - Meaningful public involvement through Community Peer research: lessons from the Institute for Community Research and Development. Introduced by Dr Camelia Dijkstra, Head of Research Services (MC001, Lecture Theatre)