Doctoral Depictions Photo Competition 2022

As part of Researcher’s Week and ARC2022, Doctoral Depictions is another way in which we can share the breadth and quality of research being undertaken by research students and is also an opportunity for students studying at a distance to take part in the conference activities.

Our Research Students were asked to submit a photograph, title and description that represents their research. Images can be edited and a range of effects can be added but it must be their own work. The image can represent the specifics of the research project, the research journey, or the approach to undertaking research, etc..

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Doctoral Depictions 2022 Winner

Be The Spider! Dawn Morgan, Faculty of Science & Engineering

There have been highs and lows, but sometimes everything feels too much, too big of a hurdle, something else to fight for. When this happens, I need to become the spider, a spider can take on a fly 4/5 times its size and win, then I can do this PhD.

Doctoral Depictions 2022 Runner-up

Bat Research in the time of Covid-19 - Morgan Hughes, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Covid-19 changed the face of bat research. Following IUCN protocols, researchers now wear masks to prevent the transfer of SARS CoV-2, not from bats to humans, but vice-versa. These measures protect wild bats from exposure to the disease, to which they have never been exposed and may be extremely vulnerable.

Doctoral Depictions 2022 People's Choice

Nature Photography and Self Meditation Walks - Madison Miller, Faculty of Arts, Business & Social Sciences

The process of soundscape design starts with meditative walks in nature. This is where I take field recordings of nature sounds along with photos of nature. The aim is to find relaxation through the creative practice, along with generating a soundscape paired with photography to present on YouTube.