Centre for Materials Science Research

The Centre for Materials Science Research (CMSR) brings together advanced theoretical and experimental chemistry, biotechnology and engineering, with the aim of delivering solutions to industry. Our main areas of focus are the discovery and study of sustainable materials for applications in energy capture, healthcare and bioplastics.

The Centre is made up from multiple research groups led by academics working in synergy with one another to deliver research which benefit society.

The Centre works with regional, national and international Industrial partners seeking to deliver solutions in line with regional and national Industrial strategies as well as EU and UN Grand Challenges. Moreover we actively aim to promote industrial and commercial competitiveness with fundamental ideology of delivering sustainable processes which protect the environment.

Our activities in biopolymerisation using bacteria in fermentation processes to produce polymers from biologically available molecules, as well as in recycling used polymers has shown how microplastics in the environment can be effectively reduced. 

The Centre is home to the following funded projects:

  • SIRC (Science in Industry Research Centre)
  • IMPEL (Isoreticular Metal Phosphonates for Energy and Light)

Research Projects