Process Engineering Group

At The University of Wolverhampton

Led by Professor Chike F. Oduoza 

Keywords: Material and energy processing, Circular economy and industrial symbiosis, Life cycle assessment, Environmental engineering / management, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Modelling and simulation

Research Focus

The group focuses on fourteen themes:

  1. Process/product manufacturing
  2. Risk management especially in the chemical and allied industries
  3. Fluid flow including fluid mechanics and multiphase systems
  4. Simulation and modelling especially for chemical / process engineering
  5. Computational / software engineering applied to process and biochemical engineering
  6. Biochemical engineering
  7. Materials processing
  8. Plating and deposition for corrosion protection
  9. Process optimisation (especially for energy and material saving),
  10. Resource efficiency management
  11. Sustainability end environmental protection especially from emissions due to fossil fuels
  12. Net zero emissions and minimal carbon foot printing (as defined by COP 26)
  13. Oil and Gas processing management (including oil spills remediation, cloud computing in upstream oil and gas sector, gas flaring especially in developing countries etc)
  14. Energy processing


List of Researchers in Process Engineering Research Group

Professor Chike F Oduoza is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and Professor in Process Engineering. His research interests are mainly in.

  1. The oil and gas sector working on remediation of oil spills, management of gas flaring, adoption of cloud computing in upstream oil and gas sector for exploration / drilling of crude oil wells
  2. Sustainable chemical process design aimed at minimizing waste of resources (material and energy), through application of circular economy methodologies.
  3. Life cycle engineering (including life cycle assessment for environmental protection)
  4. Solar photo voltaic module (PVM) performance optimisation
  5. Risk / safety management

Dr Kevan Buckley has over 25 years of experience transferring Computer Science knowledge to other disciplines, mostly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This has previously included Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Construction, Forensic Science and Psychology. His current work in Cloud Computing in the Oil and Gas sector has provided an opportunity to expand on application domains where outputs from Computer Science are directly applicable.

Dr. Klaudio Bari is a Principal Lecturer in composite materials and a senior fellow in Higher Education Academy (HEA). His research focus is sustainable composite material for energy storage system such as Lithium-on battery, Solid state Battery and hydrogen fuel cells.  He is member of advisory board for UK ceramics and chair for electric vehicles technology.

Dr Tohid N. Borhani is Lecturer in Chemical Engineering. His research interests are mainly in.

  • CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) 
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • QSPR/QSAR, Chemometric, and Computational Chemistry 
  • Energy storage and conversion 
  • Application of Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering 

Dr Kiran Gulia is a Senior Academic in School of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. Her research interests are mainly in. 

  1. Fabricating, testing, and characterising nanomaterials 
  1. Nano structuring via Nano printing 
  2. Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing 
  3. Applications in Biological, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Space 

Dr Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia is a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy with a broad educational and international background having studied Biochemistry before settling in Chemical Engineering.  She has a strong track record in fundamental research into formulation science and product engineering. Her research interests mainly are in  

  • Developing sustainable formulations and encapsulation technologies for improving product stability, and safety or adding novelty and functionality to a wide range of formulated products. 
  •  Developing materials and clean technologies to address and mitigate the energy and environmental challenges 
  • Production of new materials/products from waste and waste reduction in the food systems 

Dr Adriano Cerminara is a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. His Research interests are in

  • Thermochemical degradation mechanisms of epoxy and phenolic resins in different temperature ranges;  
  • Numerical modelling and CFD simulations of chemical kinetics of thermochemical non-equilibrium in high-Mach-number hypersonic flows, and chemical kinetics of the gas-surface chemical interaction on the solid wall.
  • Numerical modelling of multispecies flow for transpiration cooling applications in hypersonic flows, development, implementation and validation of multispecies flow model in CFD code for DNS simulations.
  • Modelling of flow through porous media for transpiration cooling application in hypersonic flow.

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