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Lauren’s tips for a top student experience


Third-year Multimedia Journalism student, Lauren Langton shares her top tips for new students starting out at university.

By now, university life has truly begun - lectures have started, assignment deadlines have been issued and although this can be anxiety-inducing, I promise you that it is also one of the best decisions you will ever make.

As a student in the final year of my degree, I have learned a few things along the way, and I feel it is only right to give a helping hand to those of you who are also taking this journey.

The first few weeks are usually full of figuring out university life, this can be overwhelming when you also have deadlines approaching so these are my tips to conquer these issues:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You are assigned a personal tutor who is there for you to meet or contact via email. Reach out to them – they can help you with navigating your way through university no matter if you are just starting your student journey or like me you are coming to the end of it. Your lecturers are not only there to teach, but also to support you wherever they can and to point you in the right direction.

Staying focused

This may sound so silly to some, but having your deadlines written down in date order, will help you focus on the task at hand instead of stressing over how many assignments you have. Print out your assignment briefs and have them at hand whilst studying. Make sure you spend your time wisely, and have time blocked out to study and/ or work on assignments; this way you also know when you are free to spend time socializing.

Places to study on campus

If you are after a quiet place to sit and study, the library is open with multiple floors as well as pods/rooms you can book out so that you can work without interruption. The café is also an option if you are someone who cannot study in complete silence and want to be close to a nice cup of coffee.

Also, check out the page on the universities website to help you find where the places you need are located. (Don’t worry it gets easier!)

Make time for ‘downtime’

Making sure that you take time for yourself and/or socialize is so important. Taking the time to let your mind be at ease will help you in the long run, as you will be able to take in more information whilst studying and you won’t burn out.

Locations that are well-loved by students are places like Bentley Bridge, Telford, Birmingham and Bridgnorth. If you are after a day out, no matter if that is shopping with friends, dinner, or a scenic walk, these places are always full of life and packed with things to do no matter your interests.

If you are looking for somewhere within walking distance then there are places such as West Park, Riley’s Sports Bar which has multiple pool tables and is large enough for groups of friends, Banks’ Brewery Tour as well as both the Grand Theatre and the Arena Theatre. If fitness is your thing, there are two different gyms within walking distance from the City Centre for you to choose from as well as our on-campus Sports Centre and WLV Gym.

But most of all, enjoy it! Meet new people, discover your passion, and make lots of memories. I really hope you enjoy university as much as I have. Here’s to your next chapter!


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